Q: I have no prior experience with ceramics. Where do I start?
It does not matter if you have no experience prior as all our classes are designed for Beginners for now! Depending on your availability, you can choose between:
Pottery Do-It-All (3hrs x 1 session)
Short Term Sessions (2hrs x 2 sessions)
Regular Workshops (2-2.5hrs x 8 sessions)

Q: Which courses are more manageable to start off with?
You can find out through our Do-it-All Session where you will get to try a bit of everything. If not you can consider starting off with Handbuilding first.

Q: What does the course pricing include? Are there any other hidden costs?
The course pricing reflected includes the cost of clay, glazes and firing. The course fees are all-inclusive, unless you'd like to buy some of the more unique glazes or tools from us.

Q: Will I get to keep all the pieces I have made?
Yes, you will get to keep every piece you have made. Should you decide to make extra pieces exceeding the course outcomes, just have a chat with us!

Q: Do you have free trial lessons?
No, we do not. However, you can sign up for our single day Do-It-All Session to get a comprehensive hands-on experience for you to try everything out!

Q: What happens when I have to miss a scheduled class?
Due to the limitation of pottery wheels and space in our cozy workshop, we shall try to accommodate at least 1 rescheduling- pending availability of space in the other sessions.

Q: Can I seek a refund if I decide to change my mind?
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any refunds.

Q: Do you conduct customised one-off workshops, such as team bonding sessions or birthdays?
Yes, we can customize bespoke workshops based on your group size and budget.

Q: Will I be able to master the skills sufficiently after each course?
All skills are honed with practice. You will have sufficient time to develop progressively over the course of the sessions to master the skill. Of course, it just keeps getting easier with practice!

Q: What should I wear to class?
The workshop is comfortably air-conditioned so you will just need to show up in comfortable attire and shoes, together with an apron if you have one yourself.

Q: Are there any food and drink options nearby?
There are drink vending machines and cafe/eateries within the same building. If not, there are plenty of other options at People’s Park Food Centre five minutes away with a large selection of halal and non-halal food.

Q: Is it convenient for me to drive there?
Yes, we have ample un-sheltered parking lots at $0.60 every half hourly. However do note that there is no grace period if you are dropping your child off.

Q: Is there an area I can wait for my children to finish their classes?
We do not have a waiting area but you are most welcome to wait anywhere within the building, at the nearby cafes or at People’s Park Complex five minutes away.

Q: How big are your class sizes?
Pottery Do-It-All: 14 pax Handbuilding: 10 pax Potter’s Wheel: 7 pax

If you still have more unanswered questions or are unsure about which course to sign up for, leave us a message or an email and we'll be right back with you!