Pottery Classes


Whether it's the first time you're touching clay, or you really enjoyed your university elective and want more, there's a class just for you. Build up a rapport with our teachers in the eight-session classes, or taste a sample with our Pottery Do-It-All session on Saturdays.


The Potter’s Wheel

Come learn Pottery on the Wheel with us!

Begin your journey in vessel creation with an introduction to wheel-thrown pottery- learning centering, throwing, trimming and glazing techniques. Start from Basic Potters I and develop progressively towards our Basic Potters II and Intermediate Potters Wheel to acquire different levels of mastery on the wheel.


A 3-hour introductory session to Ceramics for Beginners! You will have fun having a go at the potters’ wheel and unleash your creativity at hand-building.

The perfect activity for a bonding session while you learn. (Children aged 8-12, to be accompanied by an adult participant)


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